An amazing sex life can lead us to a happier and healthy relationship and marriages. What’s the secret behind this? Is it just all about your unconditional love and affection for your partner?

Nope. It’s not enough to nurture your emotional connection. Couples need to nourish their sexual intimacy as well. Further, you need to invest in your sex life. Here’s how:

  1. Leave all your inhibitions.

Inhibitions don’t deserve a room in your relationship. So, let all your inhibitions behind to make your sex life better. Meaning to say, you need to relax when having sex. It simply means that you need to stop believing the idea on how lovemaking should look like. You may start changing your foreplay routine or experimenting new positions.

Leaving your inhibition could also denote that you try making love without your usual script like intense kissing, touching and then intercourse while foreplaying. Perhaps, it’s time for you to discover your wife’s or husband’s self-pleasure, which is an excellent way for you to know how they like to be touched.

  1. Know what makes them more aroused during physical contact.

It’s a good thing for couples to talk about sex open-mindedly. Honest conversations are a good foundation of trust and will deepen your emotional and sexual connection. Through it, both of you can identify what makes her knees weak, what he likes (and dislike) or what’s working during the love time.

When lovemaking, do not be afraid to make requests. Feel free to tell your lover every time you feel something different or bad. It is also essential to have a follow-up conversation after your sexy time. For couples, it lets them check in their performance and progress and even provide each other with real-time feedback.

  1. Put your partner in the good mood.

To get your spouse into bed, it is very important to make sure that he or she is in the good mood for the two of you to enjoy a great time together. A spouse can respond on caresses, hugs, foods, playful attention as well as on conversations. These are simple ways to win the mood of your husband or wife.

  1. Make time for your love time.

Always see to it that you carve time for your love time. It can be at least three times every week, every other day etc. Are you worried that it might kill your partner’s mood? Fear not because anything you plan ahead of time can make you feel more excited.

More importantly, scheduling your sexy time will allow you to prioritize it.

  1. Seek help from pros

Admit it or not, your mind is bombarded with so many questions regarding sex. This can be too embarrassing to ask, but it could be helpful for your relationship if you’ll inquire.

Seek advice from professional gurus and experts. They can be a physician, experienced friends or a trustworthy blogger. Don’t be scared to ask anything to improve your relationship.

Wrapping it up

Take your time investing in your sex life to keep the fire burning. These efforts can freshen up your relationship, making you feel more connected physically, emotionally and sexually.

5 Ways You Can Invest in Your Sex Life

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