Top 3 Porn Categories for 2018


No one would have expected pornography to grow as much as it has the past few years. Yet that is exactly what has taken place. Porn sites make up more than half of the top 60 websites in the world. Countless of adult pages each obtain more than 80 million visitors in one day. If that wasn’t impressive enough, these people spend an average of almost 11 minutes looking at porn videos, sex images and other content. Sometimes, much longer than that.

So what exactly are individuals looking at these days when it comes to porn? With so many categories in porn to choose from, which ones are at the top? Moreover, which are the top three porn categories for 2018? In retrospect, no one would have expected those which have climbed to the top to be there. Still, when you consider that genres such as hentai, MILF, lesbian, cartoon and BBW have made it to the top before, nothing should be surprising.

Overall, there are more than fifty different kinds of porn genres to choose from. That doesn’t include related searches or added keywords to the mix. Once you add them, the choices become even greater. Even with all of that, the following categories managed to come out on top of the others. Obviously, the people have spoken – even if only through their viewing – and made their selection. Below are the top three pornographic genres for the year of 2018.

Amateur Porn –

People should not be all that surprised in amateur porn making it to the top. Truth is that mostly everyone you know owns a mobile device. Others have webcams, laptops or similar gadgets which let them record video. In turn, these people have been busy recording their sexual acts. Anyone with a Smartphone or device which can record, is capable of using it to capture a porn video. Most people love amateur porn movies because they are real. They show actual individuals just like them engaged in sex.

These are not professionals or pornstars. Instead, they are everyday people who simply love to have sex. And they like to show the world what they are doing. In addition, the amateur porn category covers a wide range of topics. They can be of a hot mom or MILF being pummeled by a young stud. Or a naughty teen having her first anal sex experience. Lesbians seducing a straight girl for the first time also tend to record that situation. They are among some of the most viewed porn videos in that genre. You also have ebony, big beautiful women and Japanese amateur porn included.

Black Porn –

Black porn includes a wide range of topics that individuals can select from. That may be why it has landed among the top most searched for and viewed categories. For instance, big black dick is one particular search many look at. They enjoy watching white girls, black women and others, take BBD up their private parts. This links them in to the interracial porn genre which is also popular. In those porn videos, threesomes with lesbians go down. Also, grannies having sex with a teen girl and MILF are found. In all, there is no shortage of black on black porn or ebony and white sex content.

Those interested in checking out this genre further, can look at the black pornstars section. In there, they can find tons of hot and erotic porn showcasing the world’s hottest ebony adult stars. Blacktized is another popular keyword in the black porn world. It refers to white or women of other ethnicity, being banged by black males. Blacked is also another faved sub genre in the black porn section.

Babysitter Porn –

With so many households full of horny, tempting and sexy babysitters, this is no surprise. There are millions of people who go to sleep each night, dreaming about having sex with their nanny. Some have been lucky enough to actually bang them and shared their babysitter porn videos with the world. They showcase lusty, beautiful and voluptuous nannies, getting sexed from all sides.

Since babysitters run into men, women and teens while working, the possibilities are endless. A lot of the babysitter porn videos, show lesbians situations. The nanny could be seduced by the woman she is watching for instance. Or she may be enticed into sex by a horny teenage girl in the household. Of course there are many instances where the sitter is the one doing the seduction. It could be a horny MILF nanny who goes after a young stud in the home. Perhaps she will bang the father, mother or all in the family.

Other situations, include babysitters who have been caught on tape. These naughty caregivers may have been caught masturbating. Other times, they could have been caught having sex with someone in the house. Overall, the babysitter category runs deep and has tons of hot pornographic content to check out.